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Air Liquide Group
Air Liquide is the world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment, and is present in 80 countries with close to 50,000 employees. Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and rare gases have been at the core of Air Liquide’s activities since its creation in 1902. Using these molecules, Air Liquide continuously reinvents its business, anticipating the needs of current and future markets. The Group innovates for the good of society while delivering profitable growth and consistent performance.
Innovative technologies that curb polluting emissions, lower industry’s energy use, recover and reuse natural resources or develop the energies of tomorrow, such as hydrogen, biofuels or photovoltaic energy… Oxygen for hospitals, home healthcare, fighting nosocomial infections… Air Liquide combines many products and technologies to develop valuable applications and services not only for its customers but also for society.
A partner for the long term, Air Liquide relies on employee commitment, customer trust and shareholder support to pursue its vision of sustainable, competitive growth. The diversity of Air Liquide’s teams, businesses, markets and geographic presence provides a solid and sustainable base for its development and strengthens its ability to push back its own limits, conquer new territories and build its future.
Air Liquide explores the best that air can offer to preserve life, staying true to its Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development approach. In 2012, the Group’s revenues amounted to 15.3 billion of which 82% were generated outside France. Air Liquide is listed on the Paris Euronext stock exchange (compartment A) and is a member of the CAC 40 and Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 indexes.
Air Liquide in China
Entering China in 1916 and with an accelerated development in the past decade, Air Liquide operates today more than 60 medium/large plants in 30 cities and employs about 4,000 employees nationwide. Its main business activities include industrial and medical gas operations, and Engineering & Construction (designing, manufacturing air separations units/hydrogen facilities and constructing their plants) based in Shanghai and Hangzhou. With a strong presence in the key coastal industrial areas, Air Liquide is further expanding into the center, northeast, south and west.
The rapid development of Chinese economy, particularly, the trend of outsourcing non-core products to professional companies presents enormous opportunities to Air Liquide. The company has hence deployed an ambitious investment plan in China to meet the increasing demand in the growing markets such as energy, environment, high technologies, and healthcare. With dedicated support of its professional teams, Air Liquide aims to develop innovative technologies, reliable services and value-added solutions for its customers while fulfilling its role as a responsible corporate citizen.
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液化空气集团不断探索气体在保护生命中所能提供的最佳用途,履行企业社会责任并坚持其可持续发展的理念。2012年,集团的销售额达153亿欧元,其中82%来自法国之外的业务。液化空气集团在巴黎泛欧证券交易市场上市(A 类),同时是法国指股CAC 40指数及道琼斯欧元区斯托克50指数的成员企业。


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